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The Angus Gillis Foundation is committed to building an equitable, socially just society through our work by:

• Recognising and building upon the possibilities in rural communities
• Discovering and unlocking with communities their full potential
• Supporting individuals, families and communities to nurture body, mind and soul
• Building with communities the momentum for the change they seek in their lives
• Creating connections to support change that lasts


Strengthening community leadership: Identifying and mentoring transformative, ethical leadership to drive and sustain community development processes.

Savings Groups: Establishing, training,mentoring and supporting savings groups to build a critical mass of empowered individuals in order to shift whole communities.

Positive Health: Improving the wellbeing of families through sustainable health strategies, improving child nutrition as part of an ECD programme in order to enhance educational and social opportunities for rural children, improving rural access to government health services.

Early Childhood Development: Raising the profile of young children and their needs, empowering adults to take responsibility for the development of their children, working alongside women’s groups to establish ECD facilities where children are stimulated and safe.

Economic Development: Equipping rural women and men with the skills and confidence to establish income generation projects to achieve financial independence and to stimulate vibrant village economies.

Physical address 24 African Street, Grahamstown, 6140
Telephone +27 46 6227896
Fax +27 46 6227889
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Organization's core business Rural community development
Contact person Lucy O'Keeffe
Designation Director