UVIWE is a registered child protection organisation that is situated in the heart of the Schauderville community. We provide services in the vibrant city of Port Elizabeth and within the Eastern Cape where required. Uviwe concentrates on the creation of a caring society protective of children’s rights while focusing on the development of children and youth to improve their quality of life and to unlock their full potential.

Violence and poverty have become daily dark realities for the children within the surrounding communities. Uviwe reaches out to protect and empower the vulnerable so that they may rise up and take the first step into a hope filled future.

Uviwe Child & Youth Services remains a child centered organisation with the child's best interest and well-being at the core of all decisions, projects and services.

Pro-active Service Delivery: Although the starting point may not be direct contact with a child or the family, but rather the community in which they live, the service we provide, or partnership we initiate must always have the child as its core focus. We believe in a community based approach to protect children and develop youth.

Re-active Service Delivery: Where Uviwe deals with ABUSE, NEGLECT OR ABANDONEMENT, the starting point is assessing the child, then the family and finally the community in which they live

Our 4 service pillars are:
• 1. Champions of children’s rights: Every child is valued in its community and should be protected and nurtured for a better community in the future;
• 2. Empowering communities: Starting at grassroots and co-creating communities that are well skilled and economically self-reliant;
• 3. Agents of hope: Passionate about the potential and strengths in every child, family and community and acknowledging the positive effect it has on that child's community;
• 4. Accessing sustainable partnerships: Collaborating with the community, other organisations, sponsors and those who sha
• re the same enthusiasm for the upliftment of the local communit

Our 9 core service areas include:
1. Early childhood development
2. Youth development
3. Training academy
4. Community empowerment
5. Child Abuse Crisis Unit
6. Alternative care
7. Family Support
8. Projects & partnerships
9. Victim empowerment

Physical address c/o Jan Hofmeyer & Nicholas Street, Schauderville, Port Elizabeth
Telephone +27 41 453 0441/2/5
Fax +27 41 453 0446
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Organization's core business Child care & protection, Youth services, Victim empowerment programmes
Contact person Anna-Louise Olivier
Designation Director