The Eastern Cape NGO Coalition (ECNGOC) has developed an NGO Toolkit which was funded by D G Murray Trust (DGMT). Mava from Amava Communication Design helped in designing the toolkit.

The NGO Toolkit provides NGOs with the specific steps and compliance issues when starting and sustaining the NGO. The Toolkit covers the following topics; comprehensive toolkit (Registration & Compliance issues), Good Governance, Leadership Development, Organisational Development, Financial Management, Human Resources Management, and Resource Mobilisation. The District Convening Organisations were each given a copy of the NGO Toolkit. Below is a graphical picture of the Toolkit:



Download the order form for the NGO Toolkit below:

 pdf1  NGO Toolkit Order Form
 pdf1  Policy Manual for NGO Sector
 pdf1  Policy Assessment for NPOs


See link to the Early Childhood Development Forum on the link below: